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Hurry slowly.

It’s a saying in Norway, one that nine-time New York City Marathon champion Grete Waitz lived by. Have patience, it urges, but move with intent. It’s a great maxim for running. And it works for storytelling, too.

With Waitz in mind, we are creating a running publication that tells in-depth running stories. Stories that readers can’t put down. Stories that need to be read again.  

Because “Skynd Deg Langsomt”—the translation of hurry slowly—Magazine doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, we’re naming it after the Norwegian word for “run.”

We give you: LØPE Magazine

The premise of LØPE Magazine is simple: Each month, we will publish one feature story from the track, road, or trail. To read, visitors will need a subscription. For the price of less than $2.00 per story ($20 per year), subscribers will have access to the best stories from track and field.

That $20 subscription will go towards paying the best writers, editors, photographers, and illustrators who are already searching out stories to tell. (And please, pitch us if you have a story to tell…we’re hoping we can pay!)

LØPE Magazine will keep expanding as long as the budget allows, we are eager to cover the biggest races of the year on-site. We want to enhance coverage of the sport, and we’re going to do it professionally.

Many things on the internet are free, but for the cost of less than a cup of coffee per month, we’re hoping to bring you the best track coverage money can buy.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and reach out to founder Liam Boylan-Pett at liam@lopemagazine.com. We’re eager to tell the best stories running has to offer.

So, pull up a chair and dive in. Hurry. But slowly. 

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Reading articles on LØPE Magazine requires a subscription. For $20 per year, you will get access to one eye-opening story per month; and hopefully more. 

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