Tell us a Story

Tell us a Story

Will your story be in an issue of LØPE Magazine? 

In case you haven’t noticed, we here at LØPE Magazine love running. Heck, we started up a publication about running because we couldn’t find a home for the types of stories we wanted to tell. And the types of stories we want to tell are those hard-to-find ones, the ones that not many people know about that are hiding on some wall on the results sheet after a local 5K or trail race. It’s not easy work, though, finding those stories. Sure, we love going through archives of results and rifling through old newspapers for stories … but we want to try something new.

So, we’re asking for some help. We were inspired by all of the #GlobalRunningDay posts, and it got us thinking: We want you to share your story with us.

Then, we’ll tell it for you.

How? Simply write us 100 or so words about your “best run/jump/throw ever.” It could be any run you want–a race, a workout, or the run you got engaged on. Anything works. We simply want to tell your story. And please, field event competitors, we are eager to report on you, too! We may even have a story in the works on the shot put in the pipeline.

From there, we’ll sift through everyone’s submission and pick one for an upcoming issue of LØPE, where we’ll report, write, and edit your story in the “oral history” format. That’s three-thousand-ish words on your best run ever. Sound like a plan?

(Writers, while we would love to hear your pitches, the budget we have is extremely small, and until we get something that resembles a budget, we don’t want to ask you to work for free.)

Please fill email us at or shoot us a D.M. on our Twitter or Instagram profiles. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Winners, along with five lucky winners, will receive a LØPE prize pack for entering (prize pack includes a subscription to the magazine, a mug, and a special print edition of Innocent People Don’t Run).

So hurry, but slowly.